Friday, 3 November 2017

Mission Day

On Friday we had Mission Day at St Patrick's school.  We had Mission Day at School to help raise money for an Orphanage School in India.  An orphanage is a place that looks after children who do not have parents.  

First we went to church and then we went back to school where Father Matthew blessed our new learning area.  After playtime there were activities and things to buy.  I bought a necklace and a bracelet from Phillamena's box.  They were white and they sparkled.  I also bought a drink.  In Room 8 I had my face painted.  I got a black and yellow butterfly painted on my face and I looked pretty.  After that I got an ice block and some lollies.  My ice block was red, green and orange.  It's called a traffic light ice block and it tasted delicious.  

At lunchtime I ate a sausage sizzle and then later we watched a movie with Sister Evalesi and Miss Craig.  Before we went home we did the raffle draw.  I did not win the prize but I had a good day.